Our Business

Our mission

Funds managed by Vauban Partenaires and Participex Gestion invest in the following situations :

Family shareholding restructurings, through minority stake acquisitions and re-focus on existing and future managers.

Capital transmission through financial and tax mechanisms such as MBO or MBI or other methods, depending on the company current situation and shareholding adequacy for its future strategy.

Equity injection to companies with investment needs for :

  • their core activity reinforcement
  • their progressive growth of market share on specific market sectors
  • their build-up acquisitions for diversification or critical size purposes.

Transactions should also allow key shareholding managers to diversify their belongings and to improve their return on equity (OBO).

Vauban Partenaires and Participex Gestion combine requirements and professionalism which can be found in the best private equity teams, mixed with a local proximity to portfolio companies.