Vauban Partenaires and Participex Gestion are experienced asset managers in private equity working closely with the managers of the portfolio companies to boost their developments. The funds that we manage invest in small-to-medium-sized companies, mostly local and family owned, while allowing for equity restructurings and cash injections.

Such changes are often necessary in order to bring new spirit and ambitions to companies. Besides financial means, our experience acquired through personal backgrounds and numerous investments done over the last 20 years is an important asset for the development of those companies.

Restructuring and sale of Omilis to Soléanne

Concurrently with the resumption of Claude-Anne De Solene assets, Omilis group (ex-Hacot Colombier toghether) has been ceded to Soléanne company created by investment funds from Finorpa and Participex Gestion and the entrepreneurs Didier Colombier and Tanguy Le Gall, and in a concerted manner with historical family shareholders … Positioned in the segment of high-end machine […]

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