Who are we ?

Founded in 1992, Vauban Partenaires developed internally by growing its assets under management and externally by acquiring Participex Gestion in 2005. Both companies have been accredited by the French regulatory authority (AMF – Autorité des Marchés Financiers) and also AIFM. They are currently managing 5 funds (FPCIs) subscribed by several Caisses Régionales de Crédit Agricole and other institutional investors. They also manage 3 FIPs (Fonds d’Investissement de Proximité) wich are small tax-incentivized funds subscribed by individuals. With the new generation of funds, Vauban Partenaires and Participex Gestion will globally manage close to 200M€.

The last FPCI we raised received the financial support of BPI France (CDC Group).

During the last 20 years, funds managed by Vauban Partenaires and Participex Gestion have realised more than 150 investments.

Our experience has been built from the early 90’s. Furthermore our teams are close to local companies thanks to our regional offices and networks. They are distinctive assets to support the development of the companies of our portfolio.

Since their creation, Vauban Partenaires and Participex Gestion have developed significantly. They currently hold 40 investments, and their available assets under management allow for additional investments.

Vauban Partenaires and Participex Gestion are independent from financial institutions. They are fully-owned by their management.