Restructuring and sale of Omilis to Soléanne

Concurrently with the resumption of Claude-Anne De Solene assets, Omilis group (ex-Hacot Colombier toghether) has been ceded to Soléanne company created by investment funds from Finorpa and Participex Gestion and the entrepreneurs Didier Colombier and Tanguy Le Gall, and in a concerted manner with historical family shareholders …

Positioned in the segment of high-end machine home, Omilis group has a portfolio of brands and high reputation licenses (Anne de Solene, Sonia Rykiel and Jacadi) that operates both in France and internationally including through a network of affiliated shops and clean.

Appointed Chairman of the group in July 2013, Loïc Toulemonde launched with teams in place a major reorganization of mission to be separated too rivaled activities and reposition the group on its most strategic assets.

Loïc Toulemonde: “The entrance to the capital of Participex and Finorpa funds, whose contribution during the negotiations was essential, with experienced entrepreneurs marks a milestone at the end of a period of significant efforts, redesign of activities and Omilis internal processes and its subsidiaries. The strengthening of capital and highly complementary contributions of our new shareholders now allow us to continue and accelerate this redeployment strategy, while watching with optimism and serenity the near future and long-term group.

This transaction marks a new page in the history of this centenary Group and its iconic brand Anne de Solène.

Fusacq –26th march 2015