Our offer to entrepreneurs

Vauban Partenaires and Participex Gestion :

  • Propose engineering services to facilitate capital restructurings to shareholders in order to more actively involve managers as shareholders of the companies, with new ambitions,
  • Contribute to portfolio company developments through new project evaluation and participation to strategic thinking and decisions, and bring part or all of the necessary financial resources,
  • Participate in a regular activity follow-up by exchanging views on the solutions to bring to strategic, organizational and human resources issues,
  • Make experienced professionals available in the fields of the activities follow-up and company management,
  • Follow a strict methodology which reflects current best practice and complies with the requirements of their regulatory authority (AMF – Autorité des Marchés Financiers) and of AIFMD, including but not exclusively anti-money laundering, best interests of investors, management of conflicts of interest, absence of competition between portfolio companies.